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Owl Invasion is a new mobile game that combines the magic of owls and retro gaming into an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. The game controls are simple touch events and easy to master. All you have to do is download the app and start enjoying the challenges of nighttime nature through the eyes of the owls.

The main character in the game is Torpedo Owl. It is based on the menacing Northern Hawk Owl from Finland and is famous for its wingless flight style which it has taught to all other owl species in the game as well.


Moonbay is the secret realm of the owls, hidden deep inside the moonlit Taiga. This is where your adventure takes place. You will learn to hunt and reproduce to help the survival of your species. Moonbay is rich with breathtaking landscapes. As you expand your territory you'll find more and more exciting places and animals. The magic crystals have cast an endless full moon night upon the area. They are plentyful in the Crystal Cave and can be collected and used to unlock more possibilities during your quest to survive.

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The game lets you choose your favorite from 10 different species that live in Moonbay. They all have their own special qualities. Some are small and fast, some big and powerful, but they all amaze us.